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Událost (stalo se)
Strictly parametric - Final review
vložil/a Šmídek Petr, MgA. Ing.arch. PhD. | 17.05.17

Studio Pernecký/Vítek is inviting You for Final review which will be held on Monday 22 May 2017 at 2 pm in room A211. Members of the final jury are professor Imro Vako, Shota Tsikolyia, Danica Piteková, Tomá Tholt and Petr mídek.

Purpose of the visiting studio in Summer semester 2017
Preserving the tradition is as important as knowing its place in the global scope. The Strictly parametric studio is a semester-long exploration of the territory of architecture, its boundaries and capacities. It is an exercise in concentration and persistence, while being outside of ones comfort zone. It strives to be the first step from the local towards the global. The tutors of the studios hope to aim the students to the international discourse and institutions representing it, providing the necessary mindset and skills. Despite the name, the studio doesnt require the students to employ neither the parametric tools, nor workflow. At the same time, parallel to the architectural discourse, the students will get the tutorials and full support in computational design tools and processes. The studio however remains architectural and any tools, including the analogue ones, are welcome.

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