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Re-FACT - výstava výsledků workshopu v Livornu
vložil/a Šmídek Petr, MgA. Ing.arch. PhD. | 25.05.16

Výstava studentských prací z mezinárodního workshopu se koná 20. až 29. května 2016 v historické pevnosti Fortezza Vecchia, která sousedí s řešenou lokalitou obilného Sila a přístavu. RE-FACT každoročně organizuje mezinárodní workshopy na téma industriálního dědictví letos zaměřenou na objekt sila v Livornu. Z výstavy vznikne katalog vystavených prací.

This is new epoch for Silo and Livorno. Re-fact organization open up the new episode in life of silo as new symbol and gate to the city. It open the dialogue between harbour – city and RE-FACT comunity. Firstly profesors and students of architecture started with understanding of the values and new development ideas for the city and harbour. All of this is represent in the exhibition. Re-fact is international partnership of the many Europe architectural school. Throught the exhibition and projects pelople can start  vision the future. The exhibition of Silo Granari is representing not only the projects that rise up from the workshop that was connecting the students of architecture from all over the Europe. It was a starting moment for many actions that this workshop began. Students that particpated in workshop and many other continue on the work with the silo all over the semestral in studios projects. We have to be thankful for all the hard work that had been done. But we have to undestand that this is just beginning. The silo and harbour around had losts for potencial that is need to be open and use in future for citizens and turists to reclaim the beauty of silo and Livorno.

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