Organization structure

Department ofTheory


The most beautiful feeling we can experience is mystery. It is the basic notion that accompanies the birth of true art and science.

(Albert Einstein)

The mission of the department is the theoretical preparation of students for the study of architecture. The subjects taught focus on the fundamentals of architecture, the theory and composition of architecture, the history of architecture, the history of art and general typology. The department also offers a wide range of optional subjects that complement and expand on the basic range of subjects. The department also features studio work oriented towards the practical testing of the students’ theoretical grounding and the possibilities of realisation in studio work.
The department’s theoretical grounding is both reflected in the instruction of architects and forms a basis for research and academic and consultancy work.
The Department of Theory is an independent specialist unit within the faculty structure, based on the long tradition of shaping the theoretical orientation of both the unit itself and the Faculty of Architecture as a whole.