Organization structure

Department ofMonumentCare


There is an extraordinary wealth of architectural monuments in our country – castles, chateaux, ecclesiastic and technical monuments and many other works. These relics of our culture bind us firmly to the history of Europe. They show us how our predecessors came to terms with the problems of their age, what their ideals and priorities were, and what they contributed to the treasure house of human knowledge. The same can be said of contemporary architecture in today’s globalised society, victim to the latest fashion trends, only with considerable difficulty.
The Department of Monument Care aims to contribute to the training of architects with a wide-ranging education on the dividing line between art and technology. Architects capable of seeing history as a source of enlightenment and creative inspiration, as to ignore history is a mark of immaturity. Architects capable of perceiving the unity of shape, space and material, as to fail to respect the laws of physics is naive. Architects capable of respecting the work of their forerunners, as overlooking creative genius is impertinent. And, not least, architects capable of creative work using means of expression and technical means corresponding to the 21st century.
The department’s range of teaching subjects is structured in such a way that allows bachelor students to become acquainted in general with multi-layered and broad-based monument care. Master’s degree students then have the chance of acquiring a deeper recognition of the issues in a two-year teaching module focusing closely on monument care.