Adam Vokáč (*1997) is an undertaker and administrator of the Luční hřbitov at the Ďáblický hřbitov in Prague. He completed the American Green Burial Masterclass course and later founded the Last Track association, which deals with natural burials. Through it, he spreads awareness about new possibilities in the funeral industry and aims for their general and legislative acceptance.

Vilém Jurek (*1985) graduate of the Faculty of Forestry and Woodwork of the Mendel University in Brno , field of Landscape Engineering. Ecologist and popularizer of environmental protection and long-time employee of the non-profit organization Rezekvítek for the care of nature.

Images and graphics: Blanka Solár
Audio narratives: Adam Vokáč
Expert consultation: Rostislav Koryčánek
Thanks: Adéla Šoborová, Jan Kristek, Dana Sítařová, Karolína Munková, Klára Netrefová, Ludmila Jankovichová

The audio component of the installation is technically provided and sponsored by Harangi Sound s.r.o.. Large-format printing is sponsored by SRP s.r.o.


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