AŠ: For example, you will receive an invitation from the town hall.

Kindergarten: (Laughs)

AŠ: What is your favorite moment in the house?

MŠ: The whole house was built around outdoor seating that is lower than the ground. There was a corner with a circular skylight and an outdoor kitchen. I would like to have this moment at home. It's outside, hidden, it doesn't rain there and you can project it on the wall.

AS: What event would you end our conversation with?

MŠ: When everything was ready, I drove by with my 11-year-old daughter and we stopped for coffee. It turned out that the daughter stayed there for three days. She said: “I like it here. Go home alone.”  

21. 10. 2021 Brno
The interview was conducted by: Ing. arch. Adéla Šoborová
Language corrections: Mgr. Kristýna Cimalová
Photo: BoysPlayNice


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