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Event (what happend)
Italian Design Act - workshop invitation
vložil/a Šmídek Petr, MgA. Ing.arch. PhD. | 23.02.17

A four day long (2.3. - 5.3.2017), fully immersing design experience at the Moravian Gallery featuring workshops, an exhibition, a pop-up shop and lectures of a new generation of active Italian designers.
The event will offer an overview of multiple design practices of Product and Furniture Design, Fashion, Illustration, as well as new fields such as Interaction Design and Social Media.
The central theme of the event is the role of designers in today's society and the concept of  'locality' in the way they connect with other designers, producers, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, educators, and leaders in their city/country to bring local solutions to global challenges.
The event will highlight the nature of designers and their state of constant transformation and adaptation to the needs of the environment they are part of, creating new roles within their community.
By using, challenging and redefining culture, traditions and local stories through their work, designers can be an incredibly powerful source that paves the paths to new perspectives, so let's see 'what design can do'.
The event is organized by the Italian Embassy in Prague, in collaboration with Brno based architecture studio KOGAA and Moravian Gallery in Brno, in partnership with the City of Brno, the South Moravian Region, Tourist Information Center and Nová Mosilana, a.s.

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