22.9.2014 welcome event keynote

.pdf copy of the presentation from 22.9.2014 for winter semester: Welcome event 22-9-2014.pdf

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ACADEMIC WEB CALENDAR - timetable of courses, lectures and other important events

pocket_map.jpg – Brno points of interest, model shops, copy centers, restaurants, libraries...

ArtMap – online / PDF

BAM – online – Brno Architecture Manual, a guide to 1918-1945 architecture

application submission

Students coming to Brno should visit the Brno University of Technology website for more detailed information. All incoming students must fill out the application – this Microsoft Word document or use documents issued and acceptable by their home university, and e-mail it to Mgr. Dita Havlova our Student Mobility Administrator.

In all cases the Learning Agreement must be completed within two weeks of commencing your study at the Faculty of Architecture in Brno. Please remember that the Learning Agreement must be agreed by both your home institution co-ordinator and doc.Ing.arch. Jiri Palacky, Ph.D. Vice-dean for External relations of the Faculty of Architecture in Brno.

The recommended number of ECTS credits per semester is 30, please discuss details with your home institution co-ordinator first.


31 May – for studies/projects starting in September

15 December – for studies/projects starting in February


The list of studio projects and elective courses open for the particular Academic Year will be announced at the Welcome Event on the first day of each semester.


Important notice: The list of courses is a subject of change, check for open courses at the start of each semester. If there are vacancies, students may also combine architecture courses with a selection of Engineering Program courses taught at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Brno University of Technology. The selection of courses must always be approved by the home University in the Learning Agreement.


Grades are assigned among students as follows:

A (90-100 ECTS points)=excellent

B (89-90)=very good

C (79-70)=good

D (69-60)=sufficient

E (59-50)=pass

F (49-0)=fail

visa & residence permit

All international students coming from EU countries do not need a visa. Other international students can get information about the visa application procedure at the Czech embassy or consulate in their home country or can visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic - www.mzv.cz.

Since December 21, 2007, the Czech Republic has become a fully participating member of the Schengen area that enables visitors to travel free among 24 member countries - more information.

If you need a special permission for stay in the Czech Republic, you should apply for visas at embassies of your home countries well before planned departure. The process of getting a Czech visa usually takes a few months. For information and requirements please contact the Czech Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

Citizens of the USA and other more than 50 countries do not need visas to visit the Czech Republic for a limited period of time. This period differs from country to country.

Other foreign visitors are required to have a visa. No visa can be obtained at the border or at airports.

For more information on Entry, Stay, Permanent Residence and International Protection in the Czech Republic - click here.

More information for students from UK requiring VISA

health insurance

It is very important that all international students have complete insurance coverage for their entire stay in the Czech Republic. Consequently, we strongly advise students to buy a travel/study abroad insurance in their home country before arrival in the Czech Republic. Important areas that the insurance should cover: injury, medical and dental care, accidents, personal belongings (luggage etc.), liability coverage, legal expense coverage, transportation home (in case of injury or illness).

In case it is not possible to buy a suitable insurance in the country of origin, students are advised to take out insurance immediately after arrival in the Czech Republic.

To obtain treatment under the provisions of the European regulation, students from EU countries can go to the doctor/dentist/hospital directly with the E111 or European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or it is possible to choose and contact one of the health insurance funds (HIF) - info download, where the Certificate of registration can be obtained.

Other international students are advised to take out an insurance policy covering hospital care in

their home country. If necessary, it may be arranged in the CR with a local insurance company. More information can be found at the following websites - www.cmu.cz and www.mzd.cz.

If you come to the CR with a visa for residence over 90 days and for a purpose other than employment, you are required to take out contractual health insurance. In this case, the health insurance is provided solely by the General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic (VZP CR). Visit one of their local branches or call VZP CR Assistance, telephone number: +420-2-2175 2121, +420 602 268 902, email: asistence@vzp.cz, Orlická 4/2020, 130 00 Praha 3.

VZP CR offers two types of contractual insurance with a different scope of healthcare covered. "Short-term contractual health insurance" coverage is limited to emergency healthcare and "Long-term contractual health insurance" coverage that resembles the public health insurance. Both insurance plans can be purchased for up to one year.

doctor’s appointment

What to do when your state of health requires a doctor's check-up or even immediate assistance? You can contact one of our staff members or student club representative for assistance.


If you are faced with an urgent need for medical attention at a time when doctors' offices are not open, and you are confined to bed, call the first-aid service at 155; a doctor will come to examine you within a very short time.

For immediate 24/7 assistance visit the:

St. Anne's University Hospital Brno

Street: Pekarska 53

telephone: +420 543 181 111, +420 543 182 096

more info...


For regular check-up you can visit the practitioner at the:

Student Halls of residence pod Palackeho vrchem

building A03/A06, door no. 138 and 139,

telephone: +420 541 213 689, + 420 541 142 995

(Monday – Friday 8:00–11:30).

Opening hours (see under „Prakticky lekar” at the bottom of that page)


Most of the medicines available in other countries can be obtained in Brno, though not in every pharmacy. In case you need some kind of medicine in the evening, at night or over the weekend, you can visit a non-stop pharmacy located in the centre of the city at Koblizna 7, website..., map..., telephone: +420 542 212 110.

orientation week

All international students are invited to take part in the Orientation week, organized by International Students Club VUT (ISC) at the beginning of each semester. All students will be contacted with more information by our student agency after submitting their application forms to our international relations office. For more details please visit the organizer’s web site.

The main purpose of the orientation week is to introduce students to the rudiments of the Czech language and culture and to meet other foreign students. The person in charge of organizing the orientation week will contact you with more information by e-mail; therefore, we recommend checking your e-mail on regular basis. We will also be of assistance to you when you first arrive in Brno. The introduction meetings are scheduled for the beginning of each semester. Further information is provided on the academic web calendar.

accommodation arrangement

We advise you to book your dormitory room as soon as possible, well in advance before your planned date of arrival. For accommodation information and booking, please visit the Halls of residence of Brno University of Technology website and make an on-line registration there. The international relations office at our Faculty will be informed of your registration shortly after that. Please note that due to the increased number of students in Brno there might be limited number of rooms at preferred Halls of residence. The accommodation office might then redirect your request to different Halls of residence in Brno and inform you about the change.

Leaflet: Halls of Residence and Dinning Services of BUT [.pdf]

further resources

Centre for international services of the Ministry of Education, Czech Republic

ISC VUT - International Students Club, Brno University of Technology

BEST - Board of European Students of Technology website


Winter semester


22.09. 2014 – 19.12.2014

Summer semester

09.02. 2015 – 07.05.2015

15.09. 2014 – 21.09.2014

22.09. 2014

22.09. 2014 – 19.12.2014

22.12. 2014 – 02.01.2015

Welcome Week, 9.45am start, Faculty of Business and Management, room 384

Welcome event for Erasmus students | 1pm, room A117 (ground floor)

1st semester

Christmas Break


02.02. 2015 – 08.02.2015

09.02. 2015

09.02. 2015 – 07.05.2015

06.04. 2015

Orientation week & Student registration

Welcome event for Erasmus students | 1pm, room A117 (ground floor)

2nd semester

Easter Break